Why Choose CMS?

Why Choose CMS?

       Tournament prizes up to $20 million.

       Players don’t ‘pay-to-play’ so CMS is not a gambling site.

       Winning players receive money and coupons/incentives.

       Major advertisers are aligning with CMS.

       Valuable customer data will be generated for our advertising partners, making our
       advertising offer extremely attractive.

       CMS Executive team is deploying the business plan to drive results for our investors.

       Major charities are being contacted, so worthy communities can benefit from CMS fundraising            efforts.

       The $20 million tournament benefits:

       Largest prize pool to date offered by the gaming industry.

       Charities are our major beneficiaries.

       We anticipate up to 1,000,000 players in 2016.

       We are attracting global media exposure.

       CMS revenues are generated from advertising.
You know how in Vegas they say "The House Always Wins,"  Well....Now,  YOU are the house .  
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