Who We Are
Brad Howat
Brad, the CMS founder, worked for 10 years in sales and business development. He spent eight years at a Fortune 500 Company, achieving the top 0.1% ranking in overall gross profit.
Over the past three years he has narrowed his focus to helping raise start-up capital for a variety of business ventures, forming many strategic relationships in the process.
Brad’s skill set includes the ability to attract a broad range of talented professionals into a dynamic and cohesive organization that fosters high growth and synergistic vision.
"Thank you for your Partnership"
Mark Diamond
Mark is a Harvard MBA and a co-founder of a variety of high-tech and internet companies.
Seven of his companies have been bought out and/or have gone public and they achieved a peak market capitalization of over $1 billion. These companies included robotics, data communications, imaging, music shopping portals and instrumentation.
Mark is a consummate professional who has led a myriad of different companies to financial profitability time and again.

He lives in Montreal, Canada with his wife and daughter.
Acting Chief Financial Officer
Doug Olson
A proven leader his entire life, Doug Olson has more than 20 years of experience in equity fundraising, general business development , asset based brokerage and general sales and marketing.
Mr. Olson graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 1991 with a double major in Economics and Studio Art.

Doug is known as someone who, through his enormous network and business acumen, has funded or co-funded a myriad of different projects and companies throughout his professional career, many of which are still in place and thriving, years after inception.
Acting  Chief Operating Officer
Kim Mckoy
Employed for over 33 years in the nonprofit sector at every level. Including case manager, volunteer manager, PR director, Chief fundraiser, to executive director (over 20 years specifically in executive leadership). Also International trainer/consultant on strategic planning, communications, advocacy, and multiculturalism/diversity.

Through both work and personal volunteer commitments have been involved in numerous focus areas Including homelessness, domestic violence, youth mentoring, school success, maternal and infant health, child abuse and neglect, HIV/AIDS, bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, veterans support, human rights, animal welfare, and so much more.

"I believe that we are all connected in this world and it is a better place for all when we come together to support real needs, help lift up those in need, give back, and pay things forward."
Director of Corporate Giving
Jani Teeter

Jani has worked hard to learn and teach the arts of online entrepreneurship to people from all walks of life over the past 11 years.

"Formally trained in healthcare, I started working online from home when my daughter arrived in the world.   I simply was not willing or able to work 80 hours or more a week outside of my home, and I couldn’t imagine with my background in psychiatry putting a tiny helpless infant into endless hours of daycare." 

"My business philosophy is simple: I do what I love, which is helping people change their lives for the better and provide them with exceptional service. I believe in connecting and working with people, and that great companies take great people."
 "I form lasting business relationships and friendships with those I choose to work with. I fully believe there is NO SUBSTITUTE for working personally and closely with and FOR others."

"I have welcomed the opportunity to support CMS members, because while I have seen and analyzed thousands of home based business opportunities I have never seen a business model, executive team or member base that even remotely compares to the synergy that is CMS.   I am very excited about the future of this company, and I am delighted to bring my skills and background to the table."
VP Administration