CMS Values

CMS Game Plan

Our opportunity stems from the fact that laws changed, and people were not allowed to pay for online games where cash prizes were once permitted.  We offer a way for players to receive cash and prizes without gambling and without risk. Players are not asked for money.   Winnings are comprised of cash and prizes derived from advertisers or sponsors on our customized global service platform.

CMS Mission

Our primary mission at CMS is to raise much needed funds for worthy charities.  In recent tough economic times, many good charitable organizations have been struggling to provide services to their communities.
We intend to raise funds through advertising, and are developing an industry revolutionizing online gaming platform.   In recent years it has been harder and harder to draw the public's attention to their products and services.  The trouble has been, in a nutshell- that people are over advertised to.  We are sure you can relate- nobody likes being “sold” to- no matter how good the product OR the price point.
We will solve our advertising partners problem by providing online game players a free and technologically advanced platform that is NOT filled with banner ads and annoying pop ups and distracting videos.  At the same time, we will provide our advertisers with:
  • An attentive and engaged audience.
  • A demographically relevant audience specifically selected for the product or service offered.
  • An effective advertising delivery platform.
  • Strong return on their advertising investment.
  • Exceptional Ad Tracking.  The advertisers can test the results of their campaign.

CMS Marketplace

SuperData Research estimates that the social gaming industry is worth $1.7bn.. The principal market is North America ($700m) which accounts for c.40% of the social gaming market today.

Sizeable player base suggests long-term potential is high.

There are currently an estimated 800m active social gaming players online globally in 2012, or 12% of the total world population.

Over 20% of these customers (173m) play one form of casino-style game via a social gaming platform or mobile phone every month. This dwarfs the number of users who use real money gambling sites, which H2 Gambling Capital estimates to be 49m in 2012. With over three times the number of players using social gambling products (demonstrating a clear interest in the products), the long-term potential for the industry looks extremely strong.

This is why we feel CMS is ideally positioned. With our technologically advanced gaming platform being something that will attract and enhance the entertainment factor for players, and the appeal of raising money for charity, the potential for CMS to change online gaming and make our desired impact on the world seems limitless.
*.01% represents the following: as #2 states (above left), a $1K equity purchase
buys .01% of CMS equity.. Based on the above forecast, a $1K investment could
result in a growth factor of 25x (or $25K) by end of year (EoY) 2016

CMS Charitable Giving 

CMS recognizes that the charity aspect is important to Investors and players. Both will be able to share ideas and give feedback through formal processes such as surveys and polls.

For organizations to be considered these are the minimum requirements:
1. To be considered, an organizations must present proof of its nonprofit status.
2. The Charity must align with CMS's mission and values.
3. The Charitable Organization must have been vetted and approved by the company’s charitable giving department to meet specific eligibility guidelines.
4. The Charity can demonstrate positive outcomes with the grant awards.
CMS shines brightest when it comes to our core value of supporting worthy charities.
We take to heart Gandhi's famous quote "Be the Change you want to see in the world"