CMS Opportunity

CMS Entertainment Advertising

Entertainment Advertising (EA) was designed to give our advertisers results that have never before been obtained.
Our revolutionary gaming platform is player friendly and uses cutting edge interactive and highly visual software to collect demographic data and make advertising offers in a very unique way. Studies show that people these days have been "over advertised" to and automatically reject and ignore obvious sales pitches.
CMS has revolutionized advertising by leveraging the power of technology and the internet to create zero sales hype advertising that is TRULY beneficial for both our advertising partners and our gaming customers.  

CMS Financial Potential

We are aligned with current major gaming industry leaders who are very interested in forming strategic partnerships with CMS because of our extremely unique and revolutionary, non-duplicable gaming platform.

These existing online gaming leaders will in turn give us instant access to gaming customers, which will in turn attract the attention of major advertising clients.

CMS The Need

Online gaming is a large and high growth industry.  Free online gaming is currently a 1.7B industry, and is projected to be a 2.5B industry globally by 2015. The income potential here is real and rapid.
Because we will never ever ask players for any kind of money, our gaming platform is legal in all major global jurisdictions, so our client and advertising base is global. 
With our proprietary business plan, just 200,000 players would garner $50,000,000.00 in revenue.